Capacitech wins $15,000 at the CADE Museum 2019 Inventivity Bash for its Wire-Shaped Energy Storage Innovation

The morning before the Inventivity Bash, hosted by the CADE Museum, Capacitech’s Joe Sleppy (CEO) and Dr. Isaiah Oladeji (CTO) joined the beautifully wooded Heartwood Soundstage in Gainesville, FL to be interviewed by Richard Miles for the RadioCADE podcast. The team is in town with the hopes of winning a cash award for its innovation in wire-shaped energy storage devices.

Capacitech-RadioCADE .jpg

Not long ago nobody knew what Capacitech was, what a Cable-Based Capacitor was, or its huge potential in our society. Today we recorded an interview addressing those unknowns in a wildly beautiful recording studio with Richard Miles, are being considered for a generous cash prize, have a manufacturing line coming together, and will be ready to launch in the residential solar power market in a not too distant future. Sitting in this interview hearing Isaiah describing Capacitech and our innovation was a surreal moment. Everything’s coming together. I could not be more proud of our work or more excited for the future.

-Joe Sleppy

Capacitech will receive the $15,000 runner up award behind Anchor Biologics at the event later that night while interacting with the many attendees who took the opportunity to learn more about our technology. Seems that people listen closely when you talk about the future. Thanks to Florida’s innovation ecosystem Capacitech has another $26,000 of funding to apply towards building that future.