Capacitech Energy wins $10,000 at the Florida Venture Forum!

It has been a really fun year so far for Capacitech Energy! Started it off by being named a top 30 energy storage startup, then we were selected as a top 4 finalist for the CADE Museum Prize, we won the collegiate prize at eMerge Americas, and last week we were awarded a $10,000 check by Space Florida for the seed stage competition at the Florida Venture Forum.

The Florida Venture Forum gave us the opportunity to share Capacitech’s growth and to focus on interested investors. This award supports the commercialization of our wire-shaped energy storage technology, and clearly demonstrates Central Florida’s innovation ecosystem!

-Joe Sleppy | CEO of Capacitech Energy

Joe Sleppy (left) of Capacitech Energy and Rodney Bosley (right) of SegAna at the Florida Venture Forum award ceremony in the Omni Resort in Orlando, Florida.

Joe Sleppy (left) of Capacitech Energy and Rodney Bosley (right) of SegAna at the Florida Venture Forum award ceremony in the Omni Resort in Orlando, Florida.

Capacitech presented their vision for improving residential solar power systems using their wire-shaped energy storage technology by building them into the DC power cords connecting everything together. The pitch was well received by investors in the crowd.

One of the coolest aspects of the night was the impressive showing by Orlando companies! Capacitech and SegAna are both members of the University of Central Florida incubation program and both took home awards in the seed stage and early stage competitions.

This form of non-dilutive capital can go a long way in helping companies reach the next stage. Maybe it is in the form of extending runway, a major investment, or to establish credibility to investors or customers. Regardless, this event hosted by Florida Venture Forum and Space Florida is an important piece of the central Florida innovation ecosystem!

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Capacitech Gives Back

Capacitech Energy’s CEO, Joe Sleppy, spent time with the 4th grade students of Moss Park Elementary school on Friday, November 16th to teach the students about energy, renewables, and the importance of energy storage!

I often ask myself if I am making the world a better place. Hopefully my actions bring others a little bit of joy, peace, and, in this case, education.
— Joe Sleppy

Sleppy started off teaching the students about the different types of energy and that it can not be created or destroyed. To do this, he asked the students to hum while rubbing their hands together for as long as they could. This lead to out of breath students with warm hands demonstrating the transfer of energy.

Later, he asked the students “what happens when they are tickled?” The students responded by saying that they “laugh” or “run away.” Sleppy used this as a metaphor to explain that light “tickles” the electrons inside the solar panel converting the light into electricity!

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