Capacitech Energy Attracts Funding to Grow Orlando's Manufacturing Sector

This has been a pretty great week! We have:

  1. Been accepted to present at the FL Venture Forum (more info coming soon)

  2. Selected to the CADE Prize top 4 finalist

  3. Attracted funding to build our Orlando-based manufacturing facility!

We are very excited about our new partnership with Varnadore Financial. They are bringing a new level of financial experience and resources to Capacitech’s advisory team.

Their investment is a big deal for us and could not have come at a better time. We will use this funding to build out our manufacturing line in Orlando. This step up in scalability will enable us to launch several pilot programs in the renewable energy space, which has been a dream of mine since the beginning.

-Joe Sleppy | CEO

Capacitech will be partnering with RTP Systems and KCP Products to build, implement, and house the manufacturing equipment. For more information regarding this new partnership, please check out the stories published below:

UCF Incubator

Orlando Entrepreneurs

Meet the Team

One of the core structures of making Capacitech Energy a stand-out organization lies within the efficiency of its team. Behind every idea and creation is a team that is inspired, skilled, and motivated to deliver the highest quality products and service possible to the world. At Capacitech Energy, each team member was selectively chosen due to their strengths, ambition, and the positive impact they could bring to the company and its customer base.

Capacitech Team.JPG

The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.

- Phil Jackson

Capacitech Execution Team:

Sabbithry Persad | Business Development

Karina Abbott | Graphic Design

Tim Russo | Communication

Joseph Torgler | Market Anaylsis

Vergin Mansour | Engineering

Lucy Golebiewski | Engineering

Capacitech Leadership Team:

Joe Sleppy | CEO

Dr. Isaiah Oladeji | CTO

Joe Buffa | Commercialization Director

Dr. Jayan Thomas | Research Director

Capacitech Gives Back

Capacitech Energy’s CEO, Joe Sleppy, spent time with the 4th grade students of Moss Park Elementary school on Friday, November 16th to teach the students about energy, renewables, and the importance of energy storage!

I often ask myself if I am making the world a better place. Hopefully my actions bring others a little bit of joy, peace, and, in this case, education.
— Joe Sleppy

Sleppy started off teaching the students about the different types of energy and that it can not be created or destroyed. To do this, he asked the students to hum while rubbing their hands together for as long as they could. This lead to out of breath students with warm hands demonstrating the transfer of energy.

Later, he asked the students “what happens when they are tickled?” The students responded by saying that they “laugh” or “run away.” Sleppy used this as a metaphor to explain that light “tickles” the electrons inside the solar panel converting the light into electricity!

Did you hear? We’re on Instagram!

Going Viral?

Capacitech Energy fans everywhere can enjoy Capacitech in more ways then ever. Be sure to check out our new Facebook page, Linkedin page, Instagram page, and Youtube channel! We are really excited to bring more content to you than ever before. Who knows… We might even go viral with a demonstration of our novel cable-based capacitor (CBC) technology!