Meet the Team

One of the core structures of making Capacitech Energy a stand-out organization lies within the efficiency of its team. Behind every idea and creation is a team that is inspired, skilled, and motivated to deliver the highest quality products and service possible to the world. At Capacitech Energy, each team member was selectively chosen due to their strengths, ambition, and the positive impact they could bring to the company and its customer base.

Capacitech Team.JPG

The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.

- Phil Jackson

Capacitech Execution Team:

Sabbithry Persad | Business Development

Karina Abbott | Graphic Design

Tim Russo | Communication

Joseph Torgler | Market Anaylsis

Vergin Mansour | Engineering

Lucy Golebiewski | Engineering

Capacitech Leadership Team:

Joe Sleppy | CEO

Dr. Isaiah Oladeji | CTO

Joe Buffa | Commercialization Director

Dr. Jayan Thomas | Research Director