Cable-Based Capacitors  

The Cable-Based Capacitor (CBC) is an energy storage component that looks like a wire and is comprised of series-connected, supercapacitor-performing cells. The CBC is thin, flexible, and can be used in a variety of different ways on and off of the circuit board. In general, the CBC’s unique form factor offers many advantages over traditional capacitors.

The CBC's voltage and capacitance can be easily customized by the electronics distributor, manufacturer, or designer. Customization leads to reduced inventory costs and reduced lead times. Each cell inside the CBC is rated to 1.6V, has a capacitance of 200mF per cm, an ESR of ~0.2 ohms, a leakage current of ~0.3mA, and has a temperature range between +10 to +65 degrees Celsius.

The CBC can be used like a supercapacitor or like a traditional electrolytic capacitor. It all depends on the specifications you need.

Customization & Performance Breakdown


10cm CBC

10cm - 1.6V - 2F

20 cm - 3.2V - 1F

30cm - 4.8V - 0.67F

40cm - 6.4V - 0.50F

5cm CBC

5cm - 1.6V - 1F

10 cm - 3.2V - 0.5F

15cm - 4.8V - 0.33F

20cm - 6.4V - 0.25F