Why use CBC Technology? 

The CBC is a new type of Capacitor which is built on the surface of a wire. This unique form factor provides many new advantages.  

We sell you a spool of CBC wire. The performance of the CBC can be easily customized to meet new demand curves by cutting the wire at different lengths. Don't worry, markings on the wire make it easy. The CBC significantly simplifies ordering and helps you offer the lowest lead times on the market. 

For Electronic Distributors

For Electronic Designers

The CBC is thin, tough, and flexible. Need to make a connection blocked by another copper trace? The CBC can connect on different ends of the PCB if needed. Need to fit a large capacitor inside a small case? Fold the CBC in half. Don't have room for a capacitor that is needed? Put it in the power cord! 

For Electronic Manufacturers

By using less space on the PCB, the CBC can increase the speed of manufacturing and inspection processes! Better yet, thanks to significantly reduced lead times by being easily customized you can offer faster turn arounds and won't have to wait as long for inventory to arrive improving cash flow. 


CBC Series 

Capacitors come in so many shapes and sizes of a variety of different performances. With energy storage chemicals sandwiched between two concentric electrodes, the CBC is the first capacitor built in the form factor of a wire or cable.

The CBC's voltage and capacitance can be easily customized by the electronics distributor, manufacturer or designer, leading to flexibility and reduced lead times. It is thin, flexible, features an ESR of ~0.2 ohms, retains its charge with a leakage current of ~0.3mA, has a temperature range between +10 to +65 degrees Celsius, and offers a traditional capacitor response to varied frequencies.

The CBC can be used like a super capacitor or a traditional electrolytic capacitor. It all depends on the specifications you need and order from the distributor. 

Customization & Performance Breakdown

10cm CBC

10cm - 1.6V - 2F

20 cm - 3.2V - 1F

30cm = 4.8V - 0.67F

40cm - 6.4V - 0.50F

5cm CBC

5cm - 1.6V - 1F

10 cm - 3.2V - 0.5F

15cm = 4.8V - 0.33F

20cm - 6.4V - 0.25F

1cm CBC

1cm - 1.6V - 0.2F

2 cm - 3.2V - 0.1F

3cm = 4.8V - 0.067F

4cm - 6.4V - 0.050F