Improving manufacturing process

The CBC can be used to reduce the size of products as shown in the "Reduce Size" section. Perhaps reducing the size of the product is out of budget or fails to meet a requirement? As the "Design Flexibility" section discusses, the unique form factor of the CBC enables values in other ways too. Check out the demonstration below. 


Before CBC


Mimic & Replace

The CBC will be used in this example to mimic and replace standard electrolytic capacitors used in a voltage regulator application.  By replacing the eight electrolytic capacitors, the designer has three options:”

  1. Reduce the size of the product using freed up real estate
  2. Add additional functionality using freed up real estate 
  3. Do nothing 

After CBC


Why Doing nothing still helps? 

Doing nothing might suit your project. It all depends on the goals. Doing nothing, frees up real estate on the PCB that will go unused. Doing this offers the manufacturing company a few advantages:

  1. More space between components  = easier inspection
  2. Less likely to have solder joints touch = higher yield
  3. Easier to program or physically pick & place components = faster production runs