The CBC is a better capacitor

Improve your electronics design with the CBC… Crush goals, innovate, and challenge your industry.




Electronic miniaturization is a common goal among designers, but it is becoming very hard to accomplish for designs that require large capacitors. The CBC requires very little real estate on the PCB, does not need its leads placed next to one another, and can be bent around corners or folded into a low profile case!

The CBC can be customized too, which significantly reduces lead times and inventory costs reducing cash flow gaps, improving job/quote accuracy, and manufacturing scheduling processes.



The CBC can be designed to replace capacitors that are taking up too much space on the PCB, which may reduce size by 33%. To replace capacitors seen on the input or output, the CBC can be embedded inside the input or output wires significantly reducing the size of the circuit.

Innovation & PERFORMANCE

You can use the space saved on the circuit board to add new functionality to your design. The CBC is thin & flexible. Use this to fit your design in a smaller case, store energy closer to remote loads, or coil the CBC around the circuit board to offer more capacitance to improve performance.


The CBC’s customization helps distributors keep inventory costs low and lead times short to help you avoid cash flow gaps. In some situations, the CBC can replace many capacitors with a single wire, reducing the number of components ordered, managed, and placed.

These are some of the industries that are about to experience the full innovation of the CBC