CBC Powers DC Electric Motor & Fan

The CBC technology is capable of performing like a super capacitor or a more traditional capacitor. It all depends on the length of wire being used. Here, we connected four CBC devices that are 10cm in length in parallel for 8F of capacitance at 1.6V. The materials used in this demonstration are shown in the image below. 

CBC Fan Demo

We charged 10cm long CBC devices connected in series for 1 minute using a DC source providing constant voltage. 

The CBC was then discharged in a standard DC electric motor rated to 9V. 

As shown in the video, the CBC was able to provide about 1minute of power to the load proving it is a capacitor by nature in the form of a cable.

The CBC could discretely provide backup power to a variety of devices such as Wi-Fi routers, cable boxes, game consoles, IT equipment, electric bikes, or even RAM cards.