Design & Application Flexibility

The CBC has industry-first qualities that offer extreme flexibility to designers enabling new opportunities and innovtions.


Physical Flexibility

The CBC can be easily bent without compromising performance of the capacitor. This enables the CBC to be bent around corners, make near by connections on the PCB, or be folded over/around other components to fit in cases where traditional capacitors did not! 

Low Profile

The CBC's low profile is exceptional at enabling your capacitors to fit in small cases or to run along the backside of a PCB. The CBC can be connected on opposite sides of the board. Being thin, this does not obstruct the other components. 

Insert in line with other cables

Perhaps the coolest way to use the CBC is to place the CBC inline with cables already running to and from your circuit. This may require some wire harness assembly in your design, but is well worth it when the product size significantly reduced! Great for power electronics projects!