In 2014, technology was developed at the University of Central Florida called a Cable-Super-Capacitor or CSC for short. This is a capacitor built on the surface of a copper wire. The capacitance is a function of the wire's length making it easily customized.

Our goal is to help electronics manufacturing companies be more competitive in size, cost, and to support innovation in the industry.
— Joe Sleppy, CEO Capacitech Energy

How We Help? We reduce size & Cost of electronics

We found that electronics manufacturers keep a small inventory of a large variety of electrolytic capacitors. Our capacitor can be customized on-site. Instead of buying 100 different capacitors in small quantities, buy a long spool of our cable-based-capacitors. This reduces the cost of each capacitor due to the bulk purchase, all your electrolytic capacitor needs are still covered, and you reduce your inventory cost by ~40%. 

**Based on a standard 250uF capacitor


What does this look likes on a circuit? 


As you can see, we replace each electrolytic capacitor in the original circuit with a CSC (cable-super-capacitor) cut to the length needed for the right capacitance. You do not need to redesign the PCB to use the cable-based-capacitor, it is a apple for an apple replacement. 

If you did want to redesign the PCB though, notice all the additional space made available after the cable based capacitor is used? That space could be utilized to add additional functionality to the product or could even be removed to make the product smaller. 

Our Mission

Capacitech's mission is to help electronics manufacturing companies gain and maintain a competitive edge in a mature industry by helping them reduce the size and cost of their products. We are also dedicated to identifying innovative ways to use our technology in our customer's products to potentially partner and launch new and highly innovative products. 

What We've Achieved



  • Proved Technology Proof-of-Concept 
  • Published in top tier journals 
  • Won the R&D100 Award in 2015
  • Exclusive license to the IP from UCF 
  • Developed working low voltage samples