Enable New Innovations

The CBC is an enabling technology. This cable based energy storage system can play significant roles in our future. 

CBC wearables.JPG

WEARABLE Technologies  

Using the low profile and flexible nature of the CBC, wearable technologies can be embedded with energy storage. Backpacks, belts, shirts, or even purses can have a CBC sewn into the lining to enable a quick charge design for your electronics.


Cable-Based Back-Up Power

Ever lost power for only a second, but spend 30 minutes waiting for your cable box or Wi-Fi router to come back online? Maybe you lost progress on your video game or lost a word document. The CBC can be built into existing power cords so that wont happen again! Perfect for IT racks too (cable based UPS system).

applications 3.JPG


Electric cars, wind turbines, space travel, solar farms, and so many other future trends require vast and distributed energy storage systems. The CBC can be easily connected to existing infrastructure and can help improve system performance.