Capacitech Energy Graduates the National I-Corps Program!

“Customer Discvoery never stops” said by many people, many times. The customer discovery process continues for Capacitech as they participated and graduated from the National Science Foundation’s I-Corps Program. The program was based in Detroit where Capacitech engaged with other companies and interviewed potential customers during the program’s kickoff. Following the kickoff, Capacitech returned home to Orlando to interview an additional 100 customers. “This is where our business model really started to come together” said CEO Joe Sleppy. Capacitech had gone through ~40 business models before attending I-Corps. 

By the end of the National I-Corps program, Capacitech had identified their path forward. A path that is much more feasible, realistic, and attainable than past business models. This path is one focused on selling cable-capacitors to small and medium sized electronics manufacturing companies to mimic/replace traditional capacitors being used in electronics. By doing this, electronics manufacturing companies will see a drop in inventory costs (costs associated to ordering, inspecting, and managing capacitors). “This business model is a great first step for us” said Joe Sleppy “it allows us to prove the technology, generate value for a real customer, and generate revenue which will help fund our future endeavors such as electric vehicles.”