Capacitech Energy Gives Back

CEO, Joe Sleppy, spent his day with a nationally diverse crowd of high school students, teachers, and administrators advocating and teaching entrepreneurship. The event, Ford’s National Next Generation Learning Confrence, also included a focus on STEM projects including apps and consumer goods.

“Capacitech is doing well by doing good” Sleppy says. “I strongly believe in giving back and investing effort into educational programs that develop world-class students.” 

Sleppy spoke to a small group of student ambassadors from Pinellas County who represent their high school’s academy (a program to develop professional skills in students) about entrepreneruship, engineering, and a good mind set to have while going into college. Later, Sleppy spoke to many of the students presenting their STEM project which was organized in a tradeshow like format. During lunch, Sleppy was invited to give the keynote address of the confrence which focused on the impact of entrepreneurship. 

According to Sleppy “entrepreneurship is how the world gets better as innovators focus on reducing the pains/problems experienced in the world.”