Getting Closer to the Real Thing!

Thanks to being awarded the Phase 1 STTR Grant by the National Science Foundation in January 2018, Capacitech began actively working with Sisom Thin Films and University of Central Florida Nanotechnology Science Center progress has been expedient and consistent! 


The sample shown above is a 5cm long device with about 1F of capacitance total rated at 1.6V. The positive electrode of the capacitor is the core wire with the negative electrode being the piece of wire toward the top of the image pointing out to the side. 

The work has brought Capacitech to the final stages of product development. At the beginning of the project the focus was on converting lab scale processes to mass manufacturing friendly processes. This has been achieved. The next steps are to further optimize conditions so marketing specifications can be met with consistency. Specifically, the next steps are to increase the voltage rating so the product can be used outside of low voltage super capacitors and electrolytic capacitors thus further opening up the market!

We have worked tirelessly to prove this cable-capacitor technology can be mass manufactured at a price affordable to the industry. Now we need to tune the system further to ensure consistent results. The technology works and we have a few more tricks up our sleeve to make it even better. It is only a matter of time until we are ready to run rapid manufacturing runs after final optimization steps are taken!
— Joe Sleppy, CEO

As a demonstration, Capacitech retrofitted a laptop power supply replacing the large capacitor in the circuit with a Capacitech cable based capacitor. See the photo sequence below: