The future is bright for the world and Capacitech. Our core technology is a cable-based-capacitor which is a customizeable capacitor for electronics manufacturers, however we found a slight modification to our technology can supplement and improve many future technologies such as electric vehicles, clean energy generation, and even wearables! 

electric vehicle

Electric Vehicles

Connecting our cable-based-capacitor from the battery packs in electric vehicles to the engines could have a dramatic impact on efficiency. The capacitor will discharge during acceleration and recharge during constant speeds taking stress off the battery.

applications 3.JPG

Clean Tech

The world is full of energy conversion and generation technology. The next hurdle is storing that renewable energy for a cloudy or windless day. One example of how to do that is: using our cable-based-capacitor to replace wires in your home storing the energy generated from solar panels.

applications 4.JPG


Wearables will continue to grow in importance as technology continues to grow into every aspect of life. Our cable-based-capacitor could also be built on conductive cloths enabling our cable capacitors to be a type of sewing thread that could store energy to recharge your phone!