The CBC in Racing

Add the CBC - improve performance - win races

The CBC can be built into the infrastructure of your vehicle and adds a lot of acceleration and agility.

Batteries are really bad at delivering a burst of power suddenly. It is almost like a governor to your racing EV because there is only so much power a battery provides. The CBC, on the other hand, is designed to deliver a lot of power really quickly. This will help your EV accelerate more than you ever thought possible as the CBC delivers more power to your motors than a battery ever could. Using the CBC in parallel with your motor will help help your battery last 15-35% longer and accelerate 1.5x to 5x faster.

Drone racing CBC.png


EV racing CBC.png


The CBC is basically an electric turbocharger... But, instead of forcing more air into a combustion engine, the CBC provides a burst of current to the electric motors when it needs it! I think that is awesome.
— Joe Sleppy
RC racing CBC.png


Boat Racing CBC.png


There are applications for the CBC for traditional racing that uses internal combustion engines. The CBC is designed to deliver quick bursts of power, which is perfect for cranking power to large loads often found in cars, trucks, boats, and tractors. Use the CBC to meet your cranking power needs in cold weather, or use the CBC to select a smaller, more affordable, light weight battery that would not normally meet your needs, but gets the job done with the help of the CBC!