Cable-Based Capacitors  

The Cable-Based Capacitor (CBC) is an energy storage component that looks like a wire and is comprised of series-connected, supercapacitor-performing cells. The CBC is thin, flexible, and can be used in a variety of different ways on and off of the circuit board. In general, the CBC’s unique form factor offers many advantages over traditional capacitors.

The CBC's voltage and capacitance can be easily customized by the electronics distributor, manufacturer, or designer. Customization leads to reduced inventory costs and reduced lead times. Each cell inside the CBC is rated to 1.6V, has a capacitance of 200mF per cm, an ESR of ~0.2 ohms, a leakage current of ~0.3mA, and has a temperature range between +10 to +65 degrees Celsius.

The CBC can be used like a supercapacitor or like a traditional electrolytic capacitor. It all depends on the specifications you need.

Customization & Performance Breakdown


10cm CBC

10cm - 1.6V - 2F

20 cm - 3.2V - 1F

30cm - 4.8V - 0.67F

40cm - 6.4V - 0.50F

5cm CBC

5cm - 1.6V - 1F

10 cm - 3.2V - 0.5F

15cm - 4.8V - 0.33F

20cm - 6.4V - 0.25F


The CBC Is a discrete & DISTRIBUTED battery complement


92% of power interruptions in the US last less than one second. Nonetheless, batteries in IT uninterruptible power systems (UPS) are activated to power the servers during the power outage. These micro-interruptions wear batteries out over time. The CBC, which has a significantly longer operating life than a battery, can cover the power outage reserving the battery for deep discharge events.


Solar power systems are subject to fluctuation. Fluctuations in the load or even a cloud passing overhead, which change the operation of the system. The CBC can be connected between the panels, batteries, converters, and the inverter. By doing this, the CBC reduces the voltage ripple while also protecting the battery from fluctuations and inrush currents.


When you accelerate a drone, electric car, electric bike, RC car. or anything electric - it requires a large rush of current. The CBC delivers this power effortlessly compared to a battery. In fact, acceleration generally hurts batteries. Adding a CBC to your system will protect the battery and help you go even faster! Have a gas motor? The CBC will help your battery with cranking power reducing the weight in batteries.


The CBC is a capacitor made in the form of a wire. It can be used to replace capacitors on circuit boards or can be be embedded inside power cables connecting different sources and loads. The CBC helps reduce the cost and size of electronics.


  • Complement batteries

  • Camera Flash Systems

  • Peak Power Assist

  • Wireless Alarms & IoT

  • Remote Metering

  • Energy Harvesting

  • Toys & Games

  • Automotive & Marine


  • Thin

  • Flexible

  • Reduces PCB size

  • High Power Density

  • Reduced Lead Times

  • Reduced Inventory Costs

  • Customized Performance

  • Fits into Low Profile Case




CBC evaluation kit.png

Evaluation kit includes:

  • 10cm CBC cells

  • Datasheet

  • Use guide